Stonemead Golden Retrievers
Milton, Ontario ( just west of Toronto)

Breeders of C.K.C. Registered Golden Retrievers

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Stonemead Golden Retriever puppies go to their new homes with:
* First shots 
* Vet's certificate of health
* Two year guarantee for hips, elbows, heart, eyes
* Microchipped
* Five generation pedigree
* Instructions on feeding, general care, training
* Canadian Kennel Club Certificate of Registration
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Often, puppies are reserved before they are born, sometimes even before they are conceived.
We notify people who have placed a reservation when pregnancy is confirmed and when the the puppies have been born. In fact, it is usual to have a 4 - 6 month wait for a puppy.
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Once the puppies are born, we send the future owners videos of the puppies every few days so that they can follow the puppies’ progress. Under normal circumstances people who have reserved can visit the puppies for the first time when they are 4 weeks old. Puppies tend to sleep through this visit.

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When the puppies are 7 weeks old. The vet comes to examine, vaccinate, and microchip the puppies.
The day after the vet's visit, it is “Puppy Picking” day. We want each puppy to go to the right home, therefore we want every owner to take home the most suitable puppy for his family.
By the time the puppies are 7 weeks old, we may have noticed some minor differences in personality not apparent to a visitor.
If you have expressed a preference for a particular sex,
we will give you a choice between two puppies of that sex (if the gender composition of the litter allows this).
Therefore, the order in which we receive reservations has no bearing on the "picking" order unless there are not enough puppies in the litter to fill the reservations. In that case, the last person to reserve would have the option of going to the top of the list for our next litter, or having her/his deposit returned.

Sheila and Stephen Baker
Stonemead Golden Retrievers
. Milton, Ontario